Izmir Airport blue city transfer offers you the opportunity to safely take our valued customers to the blue city, one of the most popular accommodation areas of Izmir. Blue city are high-rise buildings in the heart of Izmir. It has pools where you can swim.

We can call it a site area by keeping the markets and hairdressers within easy reach. It is among the first choices of those who come to Izmir for certain reasons. As a transfer company, we wait with the vehicles you request in the parking lot close to your arrival time. Wherever you come from, we offer you the opportunity to meet the blue city accommodation areas by providing the comfort you want.

What are the Features of Transfer?

Izmir Airport blue city transfer offers the comfort service you want. It allows you to go from one location to another. The most advantageous aspect of the transfer is that you can go anywhere you want with a private driver. When you do not want the driver, he will meet you, hand over the car key and leave. There are tools for every budget.

It is difficult to drive at the end of that tiring road. At that moment, transfer tools come into play. While you sip your coffee in the back, the driver will take you comfortably to where you want to catch up. The seats in the vehicle are spread from special materials for the first-class comfort. When you sit on the seat, you will feel the peace in your soul. Thanks to the internet and television in the transfer vehicle, you will never be bored while travelling. If you have urgent work, it offers the opportunity to do it while travelling. In this way, your work is done as soon as possible.

What Should We Consider When Choosing a Transfer Company?

 If you want to benefit from Izmir Airport blue city transfer services, you have to make your choice well. Work with companies that provide better quality service of the company that makes the transfer process. It will be better for you to deal with companies that have a good dialogue with you and are good-humoured. Companies that employ careful and punctual drivers provide better quality service.

Make sure it is customer-focused. If you are travelling with a crowded family or colleagues, make a transfer with minibus-style vehicles to be more comfortable. The teams they run must be respectful of whatever you are. Work with the transfer company that has the latest technology in the vehicle. Working with the teams that meet your victimization in the best way enables you to travel more comfortably.

Why Should You Choose Us?

As Izmir Airport blue city transfer company, we raise the service to higher ranks so that our customers are not victims. We allocate economical vehicles for our customers who prefer us. The drivers we employ in our company are experts in their business. He is well educated and certified. Thus, it can manoeuvre in sudden situations. It gives you a rested feeling in your home as our drivers do not shake you while driving. Our vehicles have the latest system of television, wifi, telephone and food. Our vehicles have large luggage. No matter how much your belongings are, we take them safely to the accommodation areas. We also offer our vehicles by paying attention to the hygiene rules.

How are Transfer Prices?

Izmir Airport blue city transfer car prices vary according to models. Transfer fees vary between 150 TL and 200 TL for vehicles such as a Clıo, Clıp Sport Tourer, Kadraj and Megane. In private VIP vehicles, transfer fees vary between 250 TL and 500 TL depending on the number of seats. If you have children, baby stroller and child car seat are offered free of charge by our company.

Also, the treats in the vehicle belong to our company. There is no demand for you. It is also included in the price in kilometres and waiting times. If you do not want a driver, our company only requests a rental fee from you. If you want to take advantage of these services, we provide reliable service with our expert drivers.

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