Izmir Airport Foça Transfer point is one of the most frequently used transportation lines in İzmir. İzmir is one of the most beautiful cities named after the crown of Ionia, Smyrna in mythology and the heart of the Mediterranean. Many civilizations such as Urartians, Ionians, Lydians, Eastern Roman Empire, Ottoman Empire existed in this geography.

Today is one worth protecting cities from the third-largest city in Turkey. It is a city visited by people from around the world and in our country. Transportation with transfer points is provided everywhere in the city. Izmir Airport Foça Transfer line is one of these transfer points.

Foça district

It is a district with a coastline on the north axis of Izmir. It is known as Phokaia because it was a place where seals lived in history. It is located in a protected area with its touristic places and natural beauty. Therefore, no excavation or road works can be done in the district. The summers are cool. Since it is located in the north of Ketan, the wind from the sea scatters the hot air.

Foça Castle is a touristic place known for its small market in the centre, restaurants, beach, public beach and famous fish market. You can go to Foça, which is a small district with not much population, only by public transportation or your vehicle. For those coming outside of Izmir, the  Izmir Airport Foça Transfer route is used.

What is Transfer Service?

It is a service used extensively by customers. Transfer service is an application that helps you to reach your destination in an unfamiliar area. It is provided through related companies. It is organized in the discipline. It is one of the rare types of service that is guaranteed to be satisfied for everyone who uses it.

In order not to have any transportation problems where you are going, they pick you up from your landing place by private vehicles and take you to your destination. Business people, statesmen, scientists, and anyone who requests it easily benefit. For this, it is enough to have a meeting with the company. The transfer agent will take care of the rest. They work on certain route points. When you want to come to Foça, arrival is provided from the Izmir Airport Foça Transfer road line. You can call our company for comprehensive information.

Making an appointment

As the demand for the transfer service is high, there is a density. An appointment is created in order of priority for a fair system. The sooner you communicate, the sooner you can benefit. By calling our 24/7 phone line, you can communicate via social media and WhatsApp.

As soon as the company provides the necessary information, it makes plans and programs for you and becomes ready for service. It is important to pay attention to some details before making an appointment. The first meeting after the company selection should not be for an appointment. In your first meeting, pay attention to their appeal to you and whether they are interested in you. Meet face to face if you can.

After you are satisfied with the service of the company, meet again for an appointment. You, our valued customers, will be satisfied with the service of our company. It is important for us to be happy.

Safe transportation

A place you’ve never seen before can scare you. Because you don’t know the area, you don’t know what to do. This increases your anxiety and negatively affects your travel. Transfer service is the service provided to avoid troublesome situations. 

It is a systematic service provided by travel agencies. As a result of the meeting with the company, the company, which receives the landing time and location information, prepares your vehicle before you arrive. Before you arrive, the vehicle waits ready at the place where you will land.

After your landing, it will pick you up and take you wherever you want. Customer requests are important in this process. What is meant by the expression of safe transportation is that you provide a convenient, comfortable and trouble-free transportation with the model vehicle you want and equipped vehicles. When you arrive in  Izmir, you can safely reach Foça district on the Izmir Airport Foça Transfer line. We are ready to provide information whenever you want with our sectoral experience and expert staff.

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