It is very easy to reach the historical elevator building with the Izmir Airport Historical Elevator Transfer stop, which is one of the most important transportation points of  Izmir. The historical elevator building is one of the most precious touristic places of Izmir and unique. The building, which was built in 1907, was built by Nesim Levi to provide ease of transportation between the two regions known as the seaside and Halil Rıfat Paşa district in the past and which are difficult to access.

It has survived until today by preserving its original structure. It is also known as the Devidas Ladder. It is one of the favourite places of Izmir, which is frequented by millions of local and foreign tourists every year. It is also a point where you can watch Izmir from high. With the  Izmir Airport Historical Elevator Transfer stop, we serve, we attach importance to your smooth transportation.

Enjoyable Journey With Our Vehicles

The transfer service is the transportation service that is preferred by visitors who are foreign to Izmir. We are a company that works professionally and systematically for the successful realization of the transaction. We offer a car rental service at any hour, every day you want. We serve you with the principle of 7/24. Our vehicles are equipped with the latest technology.

It has an air cushion, leather seat, large chamber, air conditioning and heating system. Its interior is quite luxurious, it is equipped to meet your needs such as a mini-fridge and folding seats. Our drivers are good-humoured, experienced and qualified personnel who dominate the region. You will feel yourself in the comfort of your home with our vehicles. Our company, which provides service with its expert staff and quality service understanding, constantly renews its vehicle fleet. Just call us for a pleasant journey with our vehicles.

Our Call Center Working 24/7

It is enough to call our call centre for any transfer service you want. In this way, you can make your reservation in advance. You can reach our company, which works on a 24/7 basis, at any time. Our friendly staff will assist you. With our various vehicle fleets, your individual, corporate and collective service requests are answered without interruption. All you have to do is call our call centre and provide the requested information from you. Information that our staff will request from you:

  • If the number of people or institutions, whether there is a request,
  • The place and time you will land in Izmir,
  • The vehicle features you want,
  • If you have special requests,
  • The place you want to go to the city.

For detailed information, you can reach the contact information on our website.  Let’s also information about the Izmir Airport Historical Elevator Transfer line.

Peaceful Journey with Professional Support

Our company, which is one of the few transfer companies in Izmir, carefully welcomes all its guests from abroad or from abroad. It allows you to reach where you want without any problems and in the shortest time. Before you arrive in the city, we prepare a plan for you. Factors such as weather, traffic density, possible road works are analyzed in advance. Regardless of rainy, snowy or open weather, we work for you to travel peacefully in all weather conditions and intensity.  With our Izmir Airport Historical Elevator Transfer line, you will easily reach the historical elevator building. We care about you. Because you are valuable to us.

Affordable Price Advantages

The economy is one of the most important issues for customers. Before the company communicates, they think about how much the transfer service fee might be and they may be uneasy. Dear customers may be good cheer. Our budget policy is transparent. We offer price alternatives suitable for every budget.

Don’t hesitate to call. Our price application will never tire you. The most affordable price options in Izmir are in our company. In the meeting, the price of each service you will receive during the process will be stated about the price. Moreover, we offer ease of payment. You can travel with us in the peace of mind. We provide you with quality service at the Izmir Airport Historical Elevator Transfer point. We listen to you and offer analytical options for your needs.

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