İzmir Airport İstinye park transfer service continues to renew itself every day. It is one of the most common transfer jobs today. Transfer operations contain a completely different concept. It is similar to the allocation service but does not provide a comfortable experience offered in the transfer service. Istinye Park shopping centre, one of the most developed shopping centres in İzmir, is mentioned many times thanks to its aesthetic appearance.

Its proximity to the airport has also become a frequent destination for locals and foreigners. It includes many branded companies. Also, having restaurants and cafes will cause you to have pleasant moments with your loved ones. It welcomes you in the waiting areas before you get off in the vehicles allocated by our company. If you wish, we can safely take you to Istinye Park shopping centre, which is one of the most popular shopping centres in Izmir.

Is the Transfer Service Reliable?

The biggest advantage of using İzmir Airport İstinye park transfer service is that it is reliable. Transfer vehicles are well maintained. The vehicle is insured bypassing the expertise to the finest detail. It is then examined and necessary changes are made. If there is a changed or damaged place, they are maintained in the auto service.

It is maintained regularly every 6 months. Drivers have the necessary documents and equipment. It has special certificates. Necessary training is given to be more expert in his job. Thus, our transfer company is provided to be more secure. Also, it is disinfected after each use and becomes ready for use again after the necessary spraying is done. Our company complies with the hygiene rules, especially during the pandemic period. The health of our customers is important.

How should the driver be chosen in the transfer process?

 When choosing the Izmir Airport Istinye parking transfer company, it is important to choose a driver as well as a vehicle. You entrust your family and life to them. The driver should pay attention to his clothing. Wearing the clothes that the driver should wear adds to a more modern atmosphere. Choose the company that works with drivers that comply with the traffic rules. Communication and dialogue should be good. Make sure he has all the necessary documentation. It needs to know how to take control of sudden situations. Otherwise, the accident will be inevitable. You should be welcomed by opening the door of your vehicle before you get in the vehicle. It must comply with ethical rules. You can get better quality service when you make your choice by paying attention to these.

Pricing Option

İzmir Airport İstinye park transfer services vary according to vehicle models. The road you will travel varies in distance or distance. If a passenger car will be used as a transfer vehicle, the transfer process of the vehicle varies between 100 TL and 200 TL. If you are going to rent a VIP car, it varies between 250 TL and 400 TL. There are no additional charges in the transfer fee. If the baby stroller for your baby is for your child, you can ensure its safety during the journey with the child seats. Since the internet, food and drinks are at the service of the company, no additional fee can be requested.

What is the service our company offers?

İzmir Airport İstinye park transfer We provide our customers who choose us in their service, the opportunity to leave them wherever they want more conveniently. We regularly ensure the air cycle inside the vehicle. Due to the epidemic disease, we create a healthier environment by resetting the air cycle between the driver and the passenger. The tool includes the latest technology hygiene kits. It offers disinfection after each baggage and after each passenger. Our vehicles have television and the internet. During the journey, you will not be bored and you can get things done. We put the dust clouds in the air at risk for your health thanks to the air filter mechanism in the vehicle. Wherever you are, we carry it where you want it comfortably. If you want to take advantage of these services, we provide reliable service with our expert drivers.

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