The crown of Ionia, the pearl of the Aegean,   İzmir Airport Karşıyaka Transfer point and İzmir, the gateway of Anatolia to the west. It is located west of Turkey. It is the third-largest metropolis of our country, the second largest port and an industrial city. It is the largest city in the Aegean region in terms of population and economy. Trade, also known as the city of Izmir, Turkey’s first exhibition centre.

The city built around Izmir Bay is the intersection of green and blue. It is surrounded by a long coastline and a narrow bay. It is a frequent destination for yachts and touristic ships. Transportation can be easily provided by the airport, metro lines and public vehicles, which have active domestic and international lines. Be sure to include a visit to Izmir on your list of firsts to do before you die.

Do We Know The Transfer Service?

Going to a city you do not know but you are sure is beautiful makes you excited. When you arrive in the city, this excitement turns into a little stress. Because you don’t know where and how to go. You are a stranger to the city. Transfer service comes into play here. Transfer Service is a professional transportation service that allows you to easily reach your destination in the city you are going to.

Provided through the organization companies. To receive this service, you must contact the relevant company before you arrive at your destination. Companies will give you the necessary information. There are also certain transfer points for İzmir province. Places such as İzmir Airport Karşıyaka Transfer stop are one of them.

How to Provide Transfer Service?

Transfer Service is provided through regulatory agencies. After deciding where to go, contact the company. During your meeting, they will request the address of your destination. The organization firm will prepare a plan and program after you provide the necessary information such as the day, time, number of people, your cargo, the type of transportation you will reach.

Company officials arrive at your landing points such as the airport, bus terminal and train station before you arrive in the city. It picks you up at the time you specify and delivers you where you want. It is a very practical and comfortable transportation service. We need to get where you want without any trouble. Transfer Service is offered as more comfortable, convenient and VIP. Come and experience this comfort at the Izmir Airport Karşıyaka Transfer stop.

Getting to Know Karşıyaka

It is one of the largest districts in the northwest of Izmir. It is a town established along the coastline. It is one of the most visited places by Izmir lovers. It is a district integrated with the fabric of the city. It was established in the region between the foothills of Yamanlar Mountain and Izmir Bay. Karşıyaka district is frequented by local and foreign tourists. It is a popular place with its coastline, sea, architecture, nightlife, restaurants, bars, cafes, tourist attractions and many stops.

Transportation can be easily provided by bus, ferry and metro. It is our greatest desire that everyone who comes to Izmir for the first time, reaches the city from abroad, and is a fan of Izmir, provides easy transportation. We are at your service 24/7 with İzmir Airport Karşıyaka Transfer and other transfer lines.

Secure Transfer

Do not think of the transfer service as just ensuring that people are taken from a certain point and arrive where they want. Security should be the basic principle. Our vehicles are the latest technology. It is insured and insured. Their maintenance is done at regular intervals. Services such as child seat, airbags, private seat insurance are available in all our vehicles. Our priority is the wishes of our valued customers. It is our preference that you travel comfortably, peacefully and safely. Your satisfaction is our quality. Just sip your tea. With Izmir Airport Karşıyaka Transfer point, you will arrive in Karşıyaka before your tea ends. For more detailed information, you can contact our company.

Dear customers, you are important to us. We must ensure your easy, comfortable and safe transportation. We are at your service with all the possibilities of our company. For detailed information, please call or leave a number and we will call you. Long roads are short, let us please you too. Let’s be your hand in Izmir.

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