The transfer service is a chauffeured vehicle supply system that you can use if you do not have your vehicle or if you cannot use your vehicle. It is important to travel more comfortably in traffic away from stress and to be able to get to your destination as quickly as possible. If you need, our company provides the Izmir Airport Teleferik transfer service for you.

If you want to use public transportation to go to the Teleferik from İZMİR districts, you can reach by bus, Metro, Ferry or Light Rail. You can reach the cable car route in an average of 60 to 80 minutes. If you want to use a taxi in your travel, you will reach your destination without going off the route and without worrying about travel comfort. However, if you choose our company in  Izmir Airport Teleferik transfer service, you will make your journey much more comfortable and much faster. The transfer will save both economical and time.

Why Choose Transfer Service

Izmir is one of Turkey’s third-largest city. Teleferik is located in Balçova district of İzmir. It is approximately 12 km away from the centre. Using the transfer service to watch the unique beauties of Balçova and Izmir from the point you will go with the cable car will provide you with many advantages. While providing Izmir Airport Teleferik transfer service, the aim is to make a comfortable and comfortable journey. You will be able to do many actions that you cannot do with your vehicle by taking the transfer service. While our company offers you the  Izmir Airport Teleferik transfer service, during your journey;

  • You can watch the beauties of the environment
  • You do not have to drive in traffic
  • You do not have to follow the road during the cruise.
  • You make a comfortable journey with your family
  • You take lots of pictures
  • You will not have any parking problems
  • Your vehicle will always be ready for your trip

Advantages of Izmir Teleferik Transfer Service

The advantages offered to you while purchasing a service are always important for preferability. While our company provides  Izmir Airport Teleferik transfer service, it offers you some special advantages that no other company has. These advantages have been carefully selected for you to choose our company in the transfer service. First of all, you do not pay exorbitant prices while taking the transfer service. You experience the feeling of driving your vehicle. If you use it with your family, you can also benefit from our special family packages.

While taking the transfer service, when you move with the reservation system, you can benefit from additional discounts, plus hours and additional comfort experiences. Our company not only offers these services but also offers opportunities for you to live. You need three stages to benefit from the Izmir Teleferik transfer service.

  • Calling Customer Service
  • To tell how many people will use the Izmir Teleferik transfer service
  • Specifying on which day and at what time interval you will use the transfer service

After these stages, our company will contact you to present its offers. After your approval, you will receive the transfer service using its advantages.

Who does Izmir Airport Teleferik Transfer Service?

Anyone over the age of 18 can benefit from our transfer service with the ability to make a reservation. We can help you with Izmir Teleferik transfer not only for your individual needs but also for your corporate needs. You can call us for whatever stage below meets your requests.

  • Sightseeing for yourself, your family and your guests
  • Tours organized by corporate companies for their customers and suppliers
  • Emergency package and transportation service to reach the cable car area
  • Welcoming and guidance service

How is Izmir Airport Cable Car Transfer Service Made?

The range of our vehicle fleet for use in transfer services is very wide. There is also a single person vehicle, it is available in our vehicle for crowded groups. Our vehicles are insured, with child seats and travel insurance, you will determine which vehicle you will choose before getting the transfer service. With a team of experts in the field, Izmir Teleferik transfer service is provided by our company with comfortable vehicles and the most affordable prices.

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